Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Playability in MOCs

Before my daughter was old enough to play with real Legos (i.e. not Duplo ;) I hadn't thought about the interior so much. And I thought that she could just disassemble the modular into sections if she wanted to play with them. Well, you live and you learn.

Can your hand fit in a roofless modular Lego building? Yes.

Can you play with mini-figures, accessories and furniture inside a modular room with four walls? With much difficulty.

Solution? You knock down the back wall - or even better: build the building without it. This is in fact a two fold winner strategy. A: Your kid gets much better space to maneuvre inside the room and B: You get lots of left over Lego bricks. Win win :)

I am pretty sure that even when my daughter no longer wants to play with Lego (and only build) I will continue to build like this. I can see inside the buildings without pulling off roofs and sections and it is way more economic brick wise.

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